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The local collective agreement (part B) was negotiated by your local negotiators. The document is in draft form, although it is complete, and contains all the amendments from 2012 to today, as the Board of Directors and the Union have not officially approved the document. In the future, the central and local agreements will be somehow merged into a single document, but because of the victory in Call Bill 115, we have delayed the conclusion of the merger. Because of the victory, there may be changes. Teachers` salaries are separate; the current grid is September 2017. The competency allowance has also been increased. The new allowance is mentioned below of the September 2017 liability allowance. With the transition to central and local collective bargaining, our collective agreement is now in many parts. The central and local collective agreements together constitute completely new conditions.

In addition to these documents, there is now the prorogation agreement and the remediation agreement of Law 115. We are working to put them together to create a document, but it is a moving target. There is a central collective agreement that contains the Settlement Protocol (MoS), the Memorandum of Understanding (MoA) and the articles. The Central Collective Agreement (Part A) was negotiated by our provincial representatives, OPSBA and the Department of Education.