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The legal regime for spousal property is „participation in acquired assets,“ which means that spouses benefit equally from property acquired during marriage. The rules of participation in acquired assets apply in the absence of a separate agreement on the matrimonial property. See the full definition of the marital agreement in the English learner dictionary If spouses choose to choose a matrimonial regime during the marriage application, they must inform the registrar of the marriage in writing. When spouses choose a separate wealth plan with a pre-marital agreement under section 242 of the Civil Code, each spouse can protect his or her rights to usufruit, management and control over his or her own property (within legal limits). In this type of scheme, each spouse is liable for his own debts concerning his own property and, in the event of divorce, the spouses are not entitled to the property of the other. The institution of marriage is directly linked to public order and the judge has absolute authority over all the conditions provided by a pre-marital agreement. These examples are automatically selected from different online sources of information to reflect the current use of the term „pre-contract.“ The opinions expressed in the examples do not reflect the views of Merriam-Webster or its publishers. Send us comments. According to Turkish law, the mother is the person who gives birth to the child.

Surrogacy agreements are contrary to Turkey`s legislation and individual rights and are considered an offence in Turkey and cannot be enforced. There are two different systems that govern the matrimonial regime of property under Turkish law. The agreement may be based on the legal regime of marriage or on a separate marriage contract. Encyclopedia Article on Marriage Agreement According to the Civil Code, spouses may pre-marriage and post-marriage in Turkey on matrimonial property, before, during and after marriage. Civil code: the collapse of marriage: this is the most common basis for a divorce in Turkey. The conflict must be serious and the spouses must not want to pursue a life together. Divorce must be based on a particular reason and the judgment of the court. The grounds for divorce are limited and are set by Articles 161 to 166 of the Civil Code (Law 4721). In the case of adoption, the following conditions must apply: Consensual divorce: the marriage must have lasted at least one year. The spouses must file the divorce case together or, if one spouse files a file, the other spouse must accept the divorce. Private and procedural international law: property disputes arising from marital disputes may be filed in the courts of the place of residence of one of the parties.