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Art. 607. If the usufruit consists of a building property to which a building belongs and if it is destroyed in one way or another, the usufruit has the right to use the land and materials. The same rule applies when the usufruit is only on one building and it must be destroyed. But in such a case, if the owner wants to build another building, he has the right to occupy the land and use the materials, since he is obliged to pay the usufruit, during the pursuit of the usufruit, interest on the sum corresponding to the value of the country and materials. (517) In addition to the right of the naked owner to alienate the property, he can also – a. Build all The Worksb. And make all the improvements. Or plant on it, if rural, but still, such actions should not cause – i. decrease in the value of the nie-brig. Or to affect the law of usufruit these are particular usufruits that deal with the right to recovery by judicial means1. Real Estate2.

Personal property3. Actual right to personal property or real estate c. If the usufruit was alone on the building, the naked owner can rebuild with or without the permission of the casting brewery, but he must pay interest on the value of the land and the old materials that may have been used article 584. The provisions of item 2 of the previous article do not apply to the donor who has reserved the usufruit of the donated property or to parents who have the property of their children to the usufruit, unless the parents enter into a second marriage. (492 bis) Art. 599. The usufruit can claim mature credits that are part of the usufruit if it has given or gives good security. If he has been excused by security or has been able to give it, or if that is not enough, he needs the permission of the owner or the defaulting court to recover these credits. The usufruit who gave security can use the capital he has raised in any way he deems appropriate. The usufruit, which did not give a guarantee, invests the capital in question by appointment with the owner at interest rates; If such an agreement is not present with the permission of a court; and, in all cases, with sufficient guarantees to preserve the integrity of capital in the usufruit. (507) 1.

In the event of a division, the usufruit retains the usufruit of the part assigned to the co-owner concerned2. If the co-owners make a partition without the instruction of the usufruit, it does not matter, and the score binds saidusufructuaryN.B1. Usufruit can use whole real estate – no co-owner owns or has a share in a specific part2. If usufructuary buys goods, it goes out, because there would be a merger or confusion of section 592 rights. The usufruit is required to make the ordinary repairs required by the given thing in the usufruit. Ordinary repairs are those that are necessary for wear and tear by the natural use of the thing and are essential for its preservation. If the usufruit does not manufacture them at the owner`s request, the owner can produce them at the expense of the casting. (500) 1.

If it is paid by the naked owner, he can claim legal interest on the amount paid2. If the usufruit advances – a. If the amount paid is refunded, but without the legal interest. Is eligible for withholding until payment 1. If no one is injured2. If it renounces by the naked owner or there are provisions in a will or contract3. If usufruit is the donor of the domain4. Where it is the parental usufruit5. If caucion juratoria, which takes place from the liaison, and is made by an oath to properly fulfill the duties of a nieer, but this is prescribed only under the conditions.