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10. NAVIGATION LIMITS: The CHARTERER commits to the cruise of the yacht on the 1st side of this agreement, the cruise area are indicated. Please educate yourself and stay diligent by updating information on local closures, border closures, local customs, ferry schedules and regulations for all areas you wish to visit throughout your charter. 1.1 The owner leases the cash charter and the charterer leases the vessel for the charter period for the charter fee. Non-cession: The charterer will not cede this contract or sublet the yacht without the owner`s written consent. 5.5 The charterer may not charter or share a sub-charter or part with control of the vessel without the prior written consent of the owner. Delay in re-delivery: If the charterer does not return the yacht to the owner in the port of the shed for another reason, the charterer agrees to pay the owner the daily allowance, subject to the owner`s right to recover additional or additional losses, including what the nearest charterer will pursue for the yacht, or damage if due. If the yacht is out of service for one day of sailing (8 .m to 17.m. clock) after notifying the base for more than 6 hours, NYCSS refunds the lost charter time. The warranty includes the engine, transmission, sail, rigging, battery and alternator. Cold, heat, CD, canoe and speedboat readers, as well as other items that do not prevent the use of the yacht, are excluded from the warranty.

15. DISPUTE RESOLUTIONS: If the owner and CHARTERER are unable to align any potential disputes with the Charter or this Agreement, this dispute will first be mediated before a mediator agreed by CHARTERER and EIGNer, the costs being distributed among the parties. Mediation is conducted in accordance with the rules that the parties may agree and, in the event that the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, any party may resort to an appeal under paragraph 16. Failure or disability: If the yacht is disabled at any time after delivery by machine failure, grounding, collision or other cause, in order to prevent the proper use of the yacht by the charterer for a continuous period of 24 hours or more, and then (unless such a loss of use is caused by an act, negligence or delay of the charterer, where the owner is entitled to reimbursement of damages, etc. by the charterer), a refund is granted after 24 hours of lost time or, if it is agreed to extend the charter period. After the 24-hour waste of time, if the charterer agrees, the owner replaces the yacht with at least one similar or better vessel. If the charterer decides to cancel the remainder of the charter period, the owner reimburses the rental fee in proportion to the time not used. The owner is not liable for the loss or deterioration of personal property or damage to the CHARTERER or a member of its party during the duration of this Charter, whether such a loss or violation occurs on board the yacht or elsewhere, unless that loss, damage or damage is the direct and immediate result of the negligence of the EIGNer. Specifically, but without limitation of the above, the owner and his insurers do not assume any liability in the event of an accident, injury or death related to boating, swimming and/or the use of diving, masks or related equipment (such as diving equipment), water skiing, windsurfing, personal boats, spinnaker flies, Halyard flies or other sports equipment, whether provided by the owner or CHARTER.