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The rate of pay of a worker under an undertaking agreement may not be lower than the corresponding rate of pay under the modern bonus which would apply to the worker or under a national provision of the minimum wage. 2.10 Independent studies show that at all stages of their working lives, workers face an imbalance in bargaining power, from job search, access to work and the creation of conditions, to changes in the workplace, a complaint with their supervisor and a reduction. The trend is for AWA to be offered to employees on the basis of „take it or leave it“ and in the form of standard agreements whose conditions are more or less engraved in the rock by employers. The only way for non-managerial employees, especially women, casual and part-time workers, is to accept an AWA prepared by their employers or find another job. The rhetoric of „effective choice“ advocated by the Prime Minister[41] presupposes a position of equal bargaining power between workers and employers, which is not relevant for most workers. As Victoria`s most influential employer group, our experts proactively monitor the company`s bargaining process. The Victorian Chamber can help you get your business to develop an EA that will support productivity in the years to come. Contact us online or via workplace Relations Advice Line on 03 8662 5222. 2.11 Under the provisions of the ESC Act, collective bargaining is not freely available to all workers. Employers are able to conclude individual agreements, even if employees prefer collective bargaining.