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If the seller`s ownership is proven by a land contract or is now or later debited from mortgages, the seller must make the principal and interest payments at maturity and provide proof of this to the buyer upon request. In case of delay of the seller, the buyer can pay the same thing, the payments being charged on the amounts due or first due, with interest of ________ % per year on the payments thus made. Where proceedings are instituted because of the seller`s omission with a view to recovering the property or to requiring payment of such a contract or hypothec, the buyer may, at any time after such proceedings are in progress, incriminate the land by means of a hypothec by insuring the amounts that can be obtained under the required conditions: and with the proceeds, this mortgage or the sale deposit pays and discharges, and any mortgage so granted is a first right of pledge on the land, superior to the rights of the seller. Thereafter, the buyer must pay the principal and interest of this mortgage in such a way that they are given at maturity, the payments being charged against the sums due or first due. If the amount due for this purpose is reduced to the amount due on such a contract or on such a hypothec or on a hypothec executed under one of the powers contained in this contract, a transfer shall be made in the above-mentioned form, accompanied by an obligation for the lessee to take and pay it. hereinafter referred to as „the country“, as well as all rental buildings, heredites, improvements and equipment, including all lighting and sanitation fixtures, blinds, curtain bars, assault windows, assault doors, screens, awnings, television antennas, now in the countryside, subject to the restrictions of construction and use in force and all easements that affect the country. The transfer of land consists of two parts, since the law implies that the parties must be compatible, a condition that is fulfilled by both parties who must agree on article 10 of the law on contracts without undue influence. The following are the legal documents necessary for the transfer of the right of occupation, the taxes to be paid and the relevant government authorities.