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Another comment: I think the reason someone might not want to call it a pre-marriage contract is that they feel like they only checked a box of the available options instead of signing a pre-nup. In addition, the questioner really asked two questions. The first is to enter a „matrimonial convencion“ (which looks like a pre-nup, va et quact), but the second is to tick a box (optaron por regimen de separacion de bienes). Buenas noches a todos. Make an agreement. They no doubt partyed later, but that`s another matter! Marriage contracts are a matter of ownership. The period. In the United States, Argentina and Spain. and most likely in Britain. Could it be possible to write a translator`s note explaining the term to avoid confusion? Or should I translate this term into a marriage contract and that would be nice? Thank you very much. You see? Con o sin convención matrimonial.

That is, with or without a marriage contract. The bride and groom indicate that they have signed a marriage contract. Do not worry. These are always marriage contracts. There is no other way to tell. the parties who marry and have entered into Jmario`s right (except for a few missing words – „explain that they have… »). The second sentence is not a divorce agreement. In many countries (where, for example, I fly), a „separación de bienes“ is not a divorce, but an agreement to renounce all future economic benefits and obligations and share common goods. I don`t know if a „separation without a break of body“ is similar enough in the United States to use that expression. Yes, Anita, but it`s not a contract or an agreement.

It is a marriage certificate. I guess it is in the marginal notes of the certificate. There is therefore no agreement and the property is by default the common property. To what extent are pre- and post-marital agreements binding? Yes, of course, we can say marriage contract, Francesco: it is a „contract“, and it is „conjugal“, so what can someone say? El detalle está en que el régimen o sistema se puede cambiar luego de la celebración del matrimonio. Por eso la colega y en la cita que publiqué contemplan el mentado „postnuptial agreement“. The agreement is automatically subject to a co-ownership regime, unless the separate state of ownership is expressly mentioned. „Los contrayentes declaran que optaron por régimen de separación de bienes“ como „divorce agreement“? Francisco: Do you think it could be a „prenup“? the marriage contract is drawn up by a notary as a legal act (escritura publica) and entered in his register or notarial register (registro notarial). CONCEPTS in English: It is certainly a marriage contract in which the future spouses declare that they have opted for a separate matrimonial. But as we`ve shown below, it`s very different from what we consider a „marriage contract,“ and for me, it`s a simple, superficial, and misleading translation. Let`s first see how a prenup is understood in Anglo-American terms: an agreement in which we can give all the details about how property is distributed in the event of divorce.

It can contain percentages, amounts, alimony, who receives the house. Dennis, my only source of using diets in a marriage contract is the Webster Collegiate Dictionary, which defines diets as diets in the last point of its definition. I searched for it because I was wondering if the word existed in English.