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It must be signed on the day or before the start of the rental period. FAQ Short-term rental Budget of the apartment Paristay The lease or lease (deposit) sets the rental conditions and rental prices and is signed between the owner or real estate agent (on behalf of the lessor) and the tenant. Empty standard lease forms are available from stations. The deposit must not exceed one month`s rent and be reimbursed to the tenant within two months of the termination of the rental contract, less any costs. While there is some freedom for landlords and tenants to vary and add clauses, some clauses are expressly prohibited in a rental agreement. Make sure you are offered a furnished place – the definition of „furnished“ in France is defined by law and means that it must be ready to move into, including dishes, bedding, etc. It is not uncommon for owners to claim to offer a furnished property to benefit from the shorter minimum contracts, without however setting the place to the required standard. Whatever you see in France, you have to find a place to live. Costs vary enormously in France, from predictable prices in Paris to much cheaper costs in rural housing off the beaten track. If you are looking for a house in one of the cities, then it is a good idea to take into account the surrounding suburbs and cities if you are looking for more for your money.

Many cities have different personalities outside, where a short ride by public transport brings you into the city quite easily. These are a good choice for families who want a little more space or for anyone looking for a less hectic pace. Your rental agreement – whether for unfurnished or furnished real estate – is automatically renewed unless the landlord or tenant issues appropriate notifications. Procedure for termination of the rental contract by a lessor. At Lodgis, we offer three types of furnished rentals: the main residence rental contract, the second home lease and the new short-term mobility rental contract (or Mobility Lease). You should take a look at your documents in order to find out what lease you have for your rented property – this will affect how you should terminate it. Moving to France is a great adventure, but finding the right property can require a lot of leg work. There are certain rules for renting real estate in France that a newcomer should be aware of before signing a French lease. Landlords can only terminate the contract if the tenant does not pay the rent or bills, violates the contractual conditions or if the landlord wishes to sell or reoccupy the property. Tenants can resign at any time. Owners have to wait until the deal is less than or equal to six months, unless they want to go to court.

This new short-term furnished lease lasts between one and ten months and goes from one fixed date to another.. . .