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It is essential that real estate professionals understand that commission contracts should not be formed in a sales contract or counter-offer and should not be formed! A single listing agreement requires the seller to pay a broker`s commission only if he sells the house to a buyer brought to him by that real estate agent. Party listings are usually used in situations where a seller is trying to sell their home without the help of a real estate agent. These sellers are known in the industry by the acronym „FSBO“, i.e. „For Sale By Owner“. real estate subject to a residential real estate listing agreement fully executed by the seller(s) and brokers, including the price, terms and payment of the brokerage indemnity and full disclosure of real estate agency relationships; Partly because the broker/selling agent is NOT automatically entitled to compensation in the above scenarios! c. no agreement between brokers on indemnification; In the industry, it is generally accepted that indemnification agreements represent a much lower liability risk for real estate agents involved in FISBos due to the absence of risks related to the disclosed dual agency. [3] Of course, when a buyer seeks compensation, they are less likely to claim their own broker and look directly at the FSBO seller as the real culprit. .