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14.3.1. If, following the decision of the immediate supervisor, the worker and/or his administrator consider that further verification is justified, this should be reported in writing to the middle superior and the direct supervisor, indicating all the facts related to the problem, indicating the articles and sections that would have been violated, and to the direct supervisor, within five (5) working days from the date on which the employee was informed of the decision of the immediate supervisor. 19.17. Discount in the leisure areas of the State: any full-time employee of the bargaining unit is entitled to a discount of 50% (50%) on the entrance fee to a public recreation area. Employees must comply with the discount rules and regulations set out to obtain the discount. It is also possible that this legislation will prove to be a mixed blessing. Some labour organizations are already under pressure to properly serve the bargaining units they currently represent. An increase in small units, each of which requires contract negotiation and management services, would not only place a greater burden on these work organizations, but could also be financially burdensome. Contributions made by a three-person bargaining unit may not even cover travel expenses incurred by a union representative when travelling to bargaining meetings. 21.4. Expiry of certain provisions: The provisions of this Agreement concerning national partners of workers shall apply six months after the date of entry into force of laws adopted by the legislator which provide for the right of persons of the same sex to establish or marry a life partnership. .