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The rules applicable at the time of signing this sales contract, without substantial facts being hidden. As a result, the seller or buyer wrote their respective hand on the day and year first. SIGNED AND DELIVERED BY THE WITNESS SELLER. 4-That the buyer receives the vehicle in question on his behalf as soon as possible and bear all related costs The parties may include the arbitration clause in this agreement. In the arbitration proceedings, any dispute that arises between the parties is referred to a neutral third party („arbitrator“) mutually appointed by both parties. The arbitrator hears both parties and decides the case on the merits. The arbitrator`s decision is final and binding on both parties. 1- That I sold my vehicle, that is. _____ with the registration number _____, chassis No_____and engine number. _____ Model ______ to ______ Son of ______, R/o ______, District ______ Vehicle sales contract format in gujarati pdf. Format of the contract for the sale of vehicles in Gujarati. aoto sale without credit.

files_1657_aoto of sale. aoto sale without credit. Format of the contract for the sale of vehicles in Gujarati. Format of the vehicle purchase contract in Gujarati pdf (hereinafter referred to as „the vehicle“) ii. The seller guarantees that the seller has the full right and power to sell and transfer the vehicle and thus releases the buyer from eviction; iii. The seller guarantees that the vehicle is sold without pledge rights or charges; iv. The vehicle . 3- This is what I handed over today, that is to say to the _____at ___ the physical possession/delivery of the vehicle in question to the buyer in question. Presentation of sales agreements. If a seller wishes to sell a product or service, he/she must present his/her sales contract.

A sales contract contains the conditions of sale of the product or service. The buyer must accept the terms of the contract. To be a valid contract, both seller and buyer must sign this contract in due form with witnesses and execute it on a valid stamp document, in accordance with the state of performance of this agreement. 6- That I have no objection if the vehicle in question is handed over in the name of this buyer.. . .