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(b) the right of each party and its affiliates to sublicense the rights described in paragraph @ to third parties in the normal course of business, provided that each such sublicense is made by a written agreement or by any other legally equivalent method in which the intellectual property rights of the party or parties concerned are determined, and protecting the confidentiality of protected information; which are made available to these third parties. (2) Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Parties shall determine unanimously, within one year of the start of the project or, if this is not possible within such a period to be determined by mutual agreement, the procedures and timetables for the transfer of the software results generated in the context of the project. It is worth remembering that the Finnish organization, funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is fully responsible for the project and is accountable to the Ministry. The organization`s board of directors is responsible for the activities of the organization. The members of the Board of Directors are liable, under civil and criminal law, for any intentional act or negligence. This could result in criminal liability or sanctions. Option 3 With respect to section 4.1.1 of these Terms, the Parties agree that their contributions to the Project will not be considered balanced. Favourable conditions may be required provided that the different Contracting Parties can agree on a different decision between them. @ the right of each party and its affiliates to use the software results of the Project (including, but not limited to, the right to adapt, modify, convert, translate and copy the software results of the Project). However, the source code contained in the Software Results, which contains substantial parts of the existing know-how information, will not be published and no right to use such source code of the Software Results will be granted unless the parties concerned enter into a specific agreement for this purpose; and A written cooperation agreement between partners is part of good project management and an excellent project management tool.

The conclusion of an agreement is the result of a negotiation process in which rights, obligations and obligations are agreed between the parties. The agreement supports the project in operational management, risk management, communication as well as conflict prevention and dispute resolution in the project. It is worth remembering that the Finnish organisation of the fund, which is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is when Finland is fully responsible for the project to the Ministry1. The agreement is binding and establishes a legal relationship between the parties named in the agreement and in their supporting documents. The southern partner must be aware of the obligations that bind the Finnish organisation and know that certain obligations also affect it. The cooperation agreement is subject to both Finnish law and the mandatory law of the partner organisation`s country of origin. Freedom of contract gives great flexibility to the parties, but agreements or conditions that violate the law or good practices are prohibited. A project plan with budget should be attached to the agreement. 4.3 If a Party proposes to engage a Subcontractor to perform any part of that Party`s work on the Project, such employment may only be performed on terms that enable that Party to perform its obligations under this Agreement. This party may not grant the subcontractor any rights in or under knowledge information or patents of knowledge of the other parties without the prior written consent of the other parties. With respect to technical, commercial and other information transmitted from one Party to another Party under this PCA, the provisions of Article VI of the EDA General Rules shall apply mutatis mutandis.

Third parties are all parties that are not parties to this CPA. However, affiliates of the Parties and public authorities („the AUTHORITIES“) shall not be considered third parties provided that such affiliates undertake to comply with the same obligation as set out in this Article and provided that the information provided to the Certification AUTHORITIES is marked as confidential. .